Ballet 1:   7 to 10 year olds (also depends on ability and maturity)

In ballet, they will learn basic ballet positions, combinations, and terminology. Musicality, rhythm patterns, and balance skills will be emphasized. Ballet helps with flexibility, balance, body alignment, sensory awareness, and cognitive skills. We will inspire your child to enjoy dancing!

Ballet 2:  10 years old and up (also depends on ability and maturity)

Children will continue to study the fundamentals of ballet including the positions, barre and center floor exercises and technique. They will continue to improve their technique, strengthen their coordination, and develop musicality. Students will learn classical ballet technique concentrating on alignment, balance, turnout, strength, flexibility, and technique. 

Ballet for Irish Dance:  Novice - Champion

Irish dancers will benefit from ballet to help improve their turnout, point, flexibility, posture and much more. This class will focus specifically on technique and conditioning for Irish Dance. 

These classes are offered on Tuesday evenings

TUESDAY - Ballet

*(Tentative Schedule-Subject to Change. Ballet 2 is TBD due to enrollment)

5:30-6:00 Creative Movement 2.5 - 4 year olds

6:00-7:00 Ballet 1 7-10 year olds

7:00-8:00 Adult Class

Ballet Dress Code

Girl Students are to wear pink tights, pink ballet shoes, pink or black leotard (short sleeve, long sleeve, or tank. No spaghetti straps) and pink or black ballet skirt. 

Boy students should wear black shorts or sweatpants, black ballet shoes and 

a black t-shirt.

Students should be covered and dressed modestly. Dress code will be enforced. 

Hair should be in a ponytail or bun away from the face. Jewelry and other hair accessories are not permitted. 

*Ballet for Irish dance may wear Irish Dance dress code.